BGP's range of services

BGP Asset Management's services enhance value at every stage of a real estate investment's lifecycle – BGP's specialists offer fully-integrated services, from asset and investment management to fund management and financing, all the way through to managing building supervisor services and lettings.

Asset and Investment Management

BGP Asset Management provides asset and transaction management services. The defined objectives are to

  • support the acquisition of properties in attractive locations offering long-term upsides,
  • exploit yield potentials via portfolio development and decreased operating costs and,
  • leverage value via differentiated exit strategies.

From acquisition to exit – BGP serves its clients at every stage of their real estate investment's lifecycle. Our transaction management division evaluates a full-range of investment alternatives prior to any transaction. BGP AM's work is founded on the principles of professionally supporting its clients in implementing their long-term investment strategies.

If property management is to be truly effective, much depends on the reliability of the data collected and the accuracy of the reporting tools and systems being used. BGP AM has developed proprietary asset management software in order to guarantee just this, directly linking market data with key performance indicators. Alongside the detailed budgets established for each property, the software provides continual oversight of every single operational process. The software tool also delivers maximum transparency via an online platform that makes the figures available round-the-clock to the property's managers and investors.

BGP AM doesn't just provide a full range of property management services for properties within the BGP portfolio, it also provides these services to third-party investors and owners. Whether lettings management or tenant services, enhancing value to facilitate rent increases within a portfolio, refurbishing vacant apartments, janitor and building supervisor services, technical facility management or rent collection – BGP AM provides all of these services under a single roof.

Fund management and finance

One of the fundamental elements of BGP's asset management services is the evaluation of the degree to which the structure of the special purpose vehicle and its financing will impact on the operative management of the real estate.

The main objective is to support the alignment of the terms of any financing with the investment's overall investment horizon in order to avoid negative effects when the property or portfolio is sold. When conducting its evaluation, BGP AM also considers the role to be played by equity and loan capital. We evaluate a full range of options, from traditional real estate loans and other forms of financing, to structured securitisation and fund solutions, whether in accordance with German or international law.

Operational strategies – incorporating integrated property and facility management services – are also developed by BGP AM to meet investors' specific requirements, including their investment horizon and the size of their investment.

Property management

BGP AM's property management services are tasked with delivering high-quality services to tenants and to enhance the value of the property via sustainable administration.

The main components of BGP's property management services are:

  • tenant management
  • commercial management
  • technical management
  • property accounting (rent/financial accounting)
  • rent collection and liabilities' management
  • financial controlling and reporting

BGP's young, highly-motivated and dynamic property management team supports both tenants and property owners. BGP AM's property management subsidiary also works on behalf of third-party owners. With an extensive local presence and the use of Wodis Sigma, a modern, industry-standard software tool, we are well-positioned to deliver the very best outcomes. The close collaboration with our lettings and building supervisor subsidiaries creates the conditions for optimum administrative performance and enables differentiated management strategies for individual properties that deliver above-industry-standard results.


BGP IS offers efficiently organised letting and tenant acquisition services across the whole of Germany. A total of 15 specialists for residential and commercial lettings represent BGP IS in Germany's major real estate centres. Our letting agents are currently supported by a back-office team of five employees within our central Berlin office. This team makes sure that properties are prominently listed on Germany's most important property portals, handles calls from potential tenants and arranges appointments for apartment viewings. The tasks carried out by the central team and the regional letting agents are coordinated via Flowfact, a specialised software for letting agents, together with BGP AM's proprietary management tools.

With responsibilities divided between the back-office team and the regional letting agents in this way, we are able to ensure consistency in our listings, establish universal standards, manage letting activities at a supra-regional level and introduce efficient structures to manage vacations and absences. The back-office team carries out a wide range of duties, including writing contracts, checking credit ratings and speaking with tenants on the telephone, all of which free up the regional letting agents' time for tasks designed to optimise and increase the success of letting activities in their region.

Alongside the purely letting-related services provided by BGP's letting specialists, the team also contributes its expertise to apartment refurbishment programmes and to defining target rents for each location and property. With a market-based pricing tool it is possible to estimate to a fair degree of accuracy the value enhancements delivered via refurbishments.